About Us

TUORE-V is an acronym for The Ultimate Off Road Electric-Vehicle, and that is exactly what our electric vehicles are.  TUORE-V was started by three good friends who demanded perfection and a desire to fill the void between an e-bike and an ATV/UTV.  E-bikes were compact but not stable in adverse conditions nor suitable for all-day riding.  On the other hand, ATVs and UTVs had stability but were not compact enough to get in and out of tight quarters plus they needed to be trailered.  TUORE-V filled the void.  What started as a outrageous idea turned into further discussions which ultimately became a reality…..TUORE-V was born.  Through years of design and rigorous testing, a truly amazing, ultra-silent, compact, tough and extremely stable electric vehicle is now available. 

Manufactured here in the United States, and equipped with a 1yr warranty, TUORE-V Off-Road Electric Vehicles are built to last and have exceeded the founders’ extremely high standards, demands, and expectations.  An electric vehicle of the highest quality, TUORE-V,  is perfect for so many demographics including, but not limited to, first responders, outdoorsman, adventurers, golfers, campers, farmers, and all those who demand top-performance each and every ride. 

Here at TUORE-V, our customers come first and product quality will never be sacrificed.  Each vehicle goes through a strict quality control process before being approved for shipment which guarantees our valued customers only receive the best of the best.  From day 1, no shortcuts have been taken in the design and manufacturing of TUORE-V Electric Vehicles, and that will never change. 

The Ultimate Off Road Electric-Vehicle has arrived.